Create games or business apps on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome NaCl or HTML5. No Porting to different device platforms required!

Powerfully Simple

Powerfully Simple

Focus on creative coding: develop in Lua, a lighting-fast and easy to use scripting language, sitting on top a powerful C++ engine. Test your work in moments on your computer, without compiles, builds, or deploying to a device.

Fully Featured

Fully Featured

Integrated libraries and services for 2D and 3D rendering and animation, sound, physics, text, tilesets, particle effects, device input, game logic, monetization and more.

flexible and free

Flexible and Free!

MOAI is open source, so you can easily access and modify the code of the engine, in order to add any feature or a 3rd party library. Moai can grow as far as your project requires.

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Quick Start: Download MOAI

Want to get started right away? Download the latest stable release of Moai with precompiled libraries for all platforms. Check out samples, and start making your next breakthrough hit app!

Download Moai 1.4

Complete Source Code Repository

You like to tinker and check how stuff work under the hood? Need to expand Moai? Want to contribute? Check out current developments on GitHub!

Moai Source Code on GitHub

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Welcome MOAI Community! Ask questions, discuss the new features, showcase your work and participate in making Moai even better!