Middle Manager of Justice

Middle Manager

Coming Soon: Middle Manager of Justice, from Double Fine Productions, is the epic tale of a balding middle manager who recruits and trains crime-fighting superheroes. With Double Fine's trademark brand of offbeat humor, Middle Manager lets you act out your superhero fantasies without ever leaving your desk.

Middle Manager video

Life Is Magic


Coming soon: The world as you know it will never be the same. In Life Is Magic, a new title from Red Robot Labs, the streets and shops you thought you knew have been transformed into a mystical fantasy world, waiting to be explored.

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Slots Tycoon

slots gameplay

Slots Tycoon, created by Zipline Games, is the closest you can get to a "New Vegas" style luxury slots experience on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Enjoy the most finely crafted HD slot machines you’ll find, with a mix of retro and high-roller themes, engaging sound, and smooth play that’s the best around. Available on: iOS, Android and Amazon.

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Lost Spell

Lost Spell Game Play

Lost Spell by Hatrix Games is a new puzzle game with slick graphics and multi-slashing gameplay. It's billed as the first ever match & slash game - intuitive slashing action with the flavor of a classic match three game. The Moai team agrees it's easy to pick up and pretty darn fun!

Available on:iOS

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Double Fine Adventure

Double Fine Adventure

Coming Soon: Double Fine Adventure (developed by Double Fine Productions) is already well known as the most successfully crowd-funded video game ever. This game will be released to PCs, phones, and tablets in Spring 2013, and deliver a classic adventure experience in the vein of Grim Fandango and Secret of Monkey Island.

Double Fine chose Moai after a thorough exploration of the technology options. Watch this video for their reasons in their own words.

Double Fine Chooses Moai video

Strikefleet Omega

Strikefleet Omega

STRIKEFLEET OMEGA was developed by Harebrained Schemes and published by 6 Waves Inc. The game follows the EEF Retribution and the remnants of Earth’s defenders on an epic journey to end an alien hive’s unrelenting aggression by locating and eliminating their hidden hive queen.

Available on:iOS Android

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The Moron Test 2

tmt2 game play

The Moron Test 2 was developed by DistinctDev, who've racked up more than 25 million players over the lifetime of the Moron Test franchise.  Their motto is "it's fun to fail," and their fiendish puzzles and natural word of mouth virality have made The Moron Test titles regular chart-leaders.

Read about DistinctDev's transition from managing porting projects for eight different platforms to using Moai for development.

Get the Moron Test 2 Available on:
iOS, Android, Amazon.

Breaking News

Breaking News Gameplay

Breaking News is the latest title from Harebrained Schemes. With it you can read the latest headlines, share the news you like, and throw eggs and other things at the news you don't like!

Available on:Android Amazon

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Crimson Steam Pirates

Crimson: Steam Pirates game play

Crimson: Steam Pirates was developed by Harebrained Schemes and published by Bungie Aerospace.  Crimson hit #1 free app on iPad at launch and is a great example of an episodic story-driven strategy game.

Available on:
iOS, Chrome.

Get Crimson Steam Pirates   Watch the making of Crimson: Steam Pirates video

You're a Bank

yab logo


You're a Bank was developed by Sergio Garces, it gives you a chance to run your own Investment Bank and make millions - all without risking a dime. 

yab icon.jpgAvailable on:

Animal Circus


Animal Circus is a cute physics stacking puzzle game developed by H2Soft, who also published Dust PangPang.

Available on:iOS Android

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Dust PangPang


Dust PangPang was developed by H2Soft. Once upon a time in a peaceful Tiddy's dollhouse, a bunch of Dust invaded the dollhouse and were making a mess. Tiddy decided to fight with Dust and is trying to clean them away.

Available on:iOS Mac



Wolf Toss

wolf toss game play

Wolf Toss was developed by Zipline Games and released to iOS, Android, and Chrome on the same day.  It's gone on to attract over a million players and a 4.5 star review average. This physics-based puzzle game makes use of Moai Direct Leaderboards, Achievements, News Ticker and Push notifications, plus custom cloud logic in Lua for receipt verification and the Wolf Coins player loyalty program.  Read about the Wolf Toss lifecycle in this Gamasutra Expert Blog.

wolf toss icon Available on:
iOS, Android, Chrome, Amazon.

Go Go Kiddo

Go Go Kiddo Game Play

Go Go Kiddo (developed by the company of the same name) is all about delivering "Vitamin Fortified Fun" to kids and parents alike.  This game is a collection of 5 minigames tied together with terrific interactive video content, and it's been very well received by players.

In our video interview with the Go Go Kiddo team, we cover all the bases, talking to creative, art, and programming.

gogokiddo icon gogokiddo videoAvailable on:
iOS, Amazon.



Horns and Halos Photobooth

horns and halos gameplay

Photograph the inner angel and demon within everyone!

Take photos of your friends and family, dress them up with digital stickers, add your own word balloons, thought balloons, and captions and then share.

horns halos icon Available on:
iOS, Amazon

Bubble Ball 2

bubble ball game play

Bubble Ball 2 was developed Nay Games who've gathered more than 11 million players over the lifetime of their Bubble Ball franchise.  The most exciting feature in Bubble Ball 2 is user-created levels, which are powered by custom Lua logic in Moai Cloud.


bubbleballicon bubble ball videoAvailable on:
iOS, Android, Amazon.